Our Fair City

Our Fair City is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi audio drama. Set in the frozen tundra of what once was Hartford, CT, a former insurance company rules over a subterranean world of misfits, mad science, molepeople, and meat walls. Nearing its seventh season, Our Fair City has won several awards including two Silver Mark Time awards (2011-2012), Audio Verse Awards for Best Ongoing Original Comedy (2013-2014) and Supporting Actor in a Short-Form Serial Production (Ryan Schile as Herbert West 2015), and second place in the 75th Anniversary War of the Worlds Contest for Herbert West vs. the Martians which was written by Jim McDoniel. Episodes are available both on their website and on iTunes.

Unwell 2.jpg

Unwell, A midwestern gothic Mystery

The second outing for HartLife NFP after Our Fair City, Unwell is the story of ghosts, family, eldritch horror, and otherworld wonder. Lily Harper is summoned to the strange little town of Mount Absalom, OH to help her estranged mother run a boarding house after an accident. What she and the other lodgers find is mystery with a side of haunting, served with conspiracy, and maybe a bit of love and forgiveness for dessert. Also, celery. Lots of celery. Episodes are available at www.unwellpodcast.com and on iTunes.


The Lesane Manuscript

A Halloween offering from HartLife in 2017, "The Lesane Manuscript" tells the story of Vauquelin Lesane a knight, patriot, alchemist, sorcerer, madman, and murderer and the book that bears his name. You can listen to it here.



At long last, I am a Deathscribe. "Monstruos" is my contribution to Deathscribe X (that would be the one in space). It will be performed at Lincoln Hall on December 4th. For more information, visit WildClaw Theatre.

The Crypt of Arabella Dodd

"The Crypt of Arabella Dodd" is a Poe-esque parody radio play about the madness of lost love, performed as part of the Whiskey Radio Hour live show on February 2nd, 105. You can listen to it on their bandcamp page.


Last Transmission

"Last Transmission" is a tale of arctic horror and winning submission of the Midnight Audio Theatre's 2014-15 Scriptwriting Competition and chosen as an official selection for the 2016 HEAR now Festival. It was produced and aired on WCBE in Columbus. It also won five audio verse awards for original stand-alone short productions including writing, engineering, actor, and actress. You can listen to it here.


The Fairy Wood

"The Fairie Wood" was a winning submission for the 2015-16 Midnight Audio Theatre Scriptwriting Competition and was produced and aired on WCBE radio in Columbus. It is lesson in why you should not just believe in fairies, but fear them. It is available to listen to on the Midnight Audio Theatre website.

Danse Macabre.jpg

The Plague Song

"The Plague Song" was a winning submission for the 2016-17 Midnight Audio Theatre Scriptwriting Competition and was produced and aired on WCBE radio in Columbus. It is a short tale of plague, paranoia, and how much we think we know. It is available to listen to here, at Midnight Audio Theatre.


The Angel of Casimir

“The Angel of Casimir” wasa winning submission for 2017-2018 Midnight Audio Theatre Scriptwriting Competition. Set during the Christmas Truce of WW1, the Angel of Casimir rests in a small chapel about to be destroyed by the coming battle. It can also be found at Midnight Audio Theatre.

Coming soon…

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THe Journal of Brother Umberto San Luka 1360 (Translation)

Not quite an audio drama, but still available in the podcast arena. I was asked to write a piece for a live storytelling show here in Chicago, which resulted in a tale of plague and Lovecraftian madness. It can be found here under the title "Carcosa" being read by yours truly. (Also available on iTunes.)