Tis The Season....

Greetings from the land of Grad School and poor social media skills!

There is lots to say about my own stuff, but please...that's dumb. It's almost HALLOWEEN! Which means there are spooky offerings to be had. Here are some great ones to participate in (if you have the chance)

This Saturday, WildClaw Theatre will be presenting the best and scariest of the scripts from their annual radio play festival. Produce will be smashed, chomped, cut, and shattered along with other gooey stand ins for severe bodily harm. And all at the Steppenwolf Theatre. Unfortunately for you, it's already sold out. (I've got my ticket...neener, neener, neer.) However, if you happen to be in Miami on Halloween night, you will have another chance to see it as  they will be taking the same production on the road. 

For those who are stuck in northern climes for All Hallow's Eve, consider the annual Twin Cities Horror Festival: two weeks of scary stage plays to get your live scream on. Check out all they have to offer, here

Looking for spooky offerings to plug into your earholes? Here are a few recommended podcasts and audio dramas with seasonal offerings (or just generally spooky) for your consideration:

Additionally, this Monday you will be able to listen to the spooky story I wrote and read for The Nerdologues: Your Stories

And of course, there is the annual All Hallow's Read. Though I can never get anyone I know to do this with me (unless I forcibly send them a book), I encourage you to share scary books with each other for this, the greatest of all holidays. Nothing says, I value you as a friend like the gift of vicarious dismemberment.