So yeah, it's been a rough couple of days. Between numbness and despair and anger and feelings of helplessness and being barely able to function, let alone create. I remember feeling the same way after 9/11, basically curled up in a ball, watching the news, not moving. I'm reading about hundreds of attacks and harassment of women and minorities all over the country and it's only the THIRD DAY SINCE THE ELECTION. And I don't know what to do. I'm no lawyer. I'm no organizer. I write silly stories about monsters.

Pictured above: Me. Also, America.

Pictured above: Me. Also, America.

People I know posted an article from Jezebel with a list of organizations to donate too. And I did, but not a lot because, I don't have a lot of money. 

No money to donate, no skills to help...the only thing I do have are six Audible codes for my book.

So that's what I'm going to do. Here's the deal folks: I'm going to raffle off An Unattractive Audiobooks to those who donate to organizations helping groups at risk because of this American Horror Story: advocates for immigrants, women, Muslims, African Americans, LGBTQ, refugees climate change, etc. If you need a starting point, here's the list from Jezebel to get you started. Donate to one of these organizations between now and December 15th 2016. After you do, tweet me or e-mail me, walk up to me and perform the Elder Sign, just make sure to tell me, in some way, that you donated and your name will be added to a list. After the 15th, I will draw six winners and send them the codes to claim their audio books.

So get out there. Donate. Do some good in this pretty craptastic time. And together, we'll get through this.