At last! At long last! Last week, thanks to the glory of the internet, I got to fulfill a life goal by cracking author-wise with Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont. And now, that interview is here for all the world to see. 
This interview includes:
-Urination as a means of vampire creation
-Far too many "Ums" and "Wells"
-Me being tongue tied
-Twilight hate
-Our Fair City plugs
-Over long list of things I'm working on
-Geek and Sundry love that may have been unintentionally insulting to my hosts
-Vampire Secrets

Thank you so much to Tom and Veronica for helping a new author's dream come true, both by hosting the contest that got me published and by having me on the show and allowing me to use the many responses I've practiced listening to other author interviews. You guys are the best.