There's a new contest on Inkshares. It's by Geek and Sundry and it is looking for fantasy books. Geek and Sundry. Fantasy. Books. Do you see where this post is going?

How can you say "no" to this face?

How can you say "no" to this face?

That's right. I'm entering the arena again to get a book published. Morose: A Comedy is about Death getting laid off at the end of the world. Here's the full synopsis as it stands right now:

The End is nigh. Armageddon has come. And with the four horseman taking over soul-collecting duties from the children of Death, the tragedy-masked member of the Reaper family most dedicated to his work, Morose, has something he never expected to possess: time. If only he had any idea what to do with it.

So while the Riders unleash their powers upon the earth and the Antichrist works to reject his infernal heritage, Morose navigates his way through the difficult questions of the mortal realm like: why don’t people live in caves anymore? Why shouldn’t immortals be telemarketers? Pinball, what’s up with that? Where are all the cats disappearing to? And why does his brother insist he buy the biggest TV he can find?

With gentle nudges from his eternally irresponsible twin brother and sometimes murder-god sister, as well as those few humans who don’t wet themselves in presence, Morose will slowly and confusedly build a life for himself. But he’d better hurry, because the apocalypse is heating up and he might just be the only one who can stop it.

In the tradition of Christopher Moore’s A Dirty Job and Terry Pratchett’s Reaper Man, Morose is a comic tale of life, Death, and the end of the world.

Sound like your cup of tea? Well then head over to Inkshares and place a preorder, because that's the only way this book is going to exist. It needs to be one of the top three projects in terms of number of people placing preorders in order to be produced AND in addition to just becoming a book that might exist, it also has a chance to be chosen for the Geek and Sundry collection. A little context. I love Geek and Sundry. It is one of my favorite things. For example, here's a picture of me with Geek and Sundry founder Felicia Day:

Me and Felicia.jpg

And here I am getting my picture taken with Wil Wheaton while wearing (lots of Ws) a Tabletop T-shirt (lots of Ts).

And of course, lest we forget, there' also the little matter of the Critical Role fan fiction story I wrote and posted on this very blog not so long ago

So yeah, that's basically why I entered this contest. Being a part of Geek and Sundry is too big a deal for me to pass up.

Here's what I need you to do. If you enjoyed An Unattractive Vampire, head over to Inkshares and check out Morose: A Comedy. If it looks good to you, buy a copy. E-book, physical copy, whatever you'd like. It all counts. Then, go and tell every single person in the whole of creation about it. Peer pressure them (PEER PRESSURE PEER PRESSURE PEER PRESSURE) into also buying a copy and so on and so forth.

If any one needs me I'll be revising a manuscript and trying not to die of anxiety for the next three months.